The power of words can turn inertia into growth. Sean Ryan's balance of style, substance and humor will inspire you to excel.

Change Management Speaker -- Sean Ryan, WhiteWater Consulting GroupWords are powerful.

They can teach.

They can inspire.

They are abstract symbols that effect real change.

For 20 years, Whitewater Consulting Group’s lead consultant, Sean Ryan, has harnessed this power of language and directed it toward organizations in need of leadership know-how, in need of inspiration, in need of real change.

As a world-class and sought-after public speaker, Ryan has stood before hundreds of audiences, from Walt Disney World Resorts and McDonnell-Douglas to IBM and the University of California, and has helped build sustainable organizations that thrive in constantly changing circumstances. His clients have learned how to build lasting, loyal relations with their customers and helped them unleash the passion and capabilities of their employees.

Ryan has often remarked of the power words have to overcome inertia.

When you speak with such authority, such motivation, such inspiration, it is hardly surprising to find oneself moved.

Both in thought and in action.